Chalkboard Template

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Chalkboard PPT can be used for school PowerPoint presentations. This theme is suitable for various presentations, but any education topic will likely fit it best.

It uses green chalkboard background, but a grayscale version is also available inside PowerPoint Master Slide. To make it even more special and unique, this chalkboard PowerPoint template uses a unique free font which is included in the zip file.

Enjoy this school theme, modify it with your text or drawings and use it for your next education project.


Font: Blzee | Slides: 4 | Redesigned: Yes

download - Chalkboard
Chalkboard Template - Free!

Responses (8)

  1. khalid badr
    2012/05/27 at 05:15 · Reply

    I urgenly need this awesome tempelate

    • Mantas
      2012/05/27 at 16:33 · Reply

      Just press “download” button 🙂

  2. Ritam Chakraborty
    2013/02/16 at 13:45 · Reply


  3. Ritam Chakraborty
    2013/02/16 at 13:53 · Reply


  4. Skeptic Joy
    2018/03/05 at 20:01 · Reply

    Great one

    • Mantas
      2018/03/05 at 20:31 · Reply


  5. Sebastian
    2019/09/20 at 08:04 · Reply

    I try to download this awesome template but it seems it does not work any more:(

    • Mantas
      2019/09/20 at 15:24 · Reply


      I checked the link myself and it works fine for me. I press “download now” button and find a zipped file with PowerPoint file in it. Can you tell what error are you getting?

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